If you love programming in Android then this opening is for you.

Role & Responsibilities

  • Working on one or two of the running projects. Work includes coding, using third party libraries & API if required
  • Work on bug-fixing & improving performance of application
  • (optional) Writing Mobile app development / news / events blog

Required Skills

  • Experience with Android app development
  • Good working knowledge of Java
  • Clear understanding of Object Oriented Programming concepts
  • Should have logical approach to solve any problem

Selection Process

To get selected, you need not have first class acads. You just need to complete an assignment. If you crack this assignment with clean code, your probability of hiring is high.
  • Complete the pre-requisite Android development assignment & create repo on Github. If you don't know github or git, you probably should not apply for job.
  • Apply for job by submitting simple form here.
  • We'll check your assignment & give you feedback. There may be couple of feedback round.
  • Once you complete feedback, we can proceed for interview.
  • If you manage to get so far, you'll be given offer :).

Links: Assignment | Apply