Android Developer Assignment

Please note that you have to complete following assignment to apply for job.


  • Your code must follow Android coding standards
  • You can use third-party open source library wherever required. Developers using libraries will be preferred and will be plus factor while evaluating your assignment.
  • Minimum Android SDK version supported can be v4.0.
  • You can use Eclipse or Android Studio whichever you will preferred.

Assignment: Upcoming Movies App

It is app which list all upcoming movies using The Movie Db API (TMdb). Action bar have info action item, which on clicking navigates to Information screen. It comprises of total 3 screens:
  1. Movie List Screen

    List down all upcoming movies with following details on the list:
    • Poster Image
    • Name
    • Release Date
    • Adult

    REST API details

    Movie List API
    api_key - b7cd3340a794e5a2f35e3abb820b497f

    Click the image on right to see how movie list screen will look.

  2. Movie Detail Screen

    When user selects any movie from previous screen, it navigates to Movie detail screen:
    • Movie images with dot-indicator (at least 1 image and maximum 5 image)
    • Title
    • Overview - display only 5 lines with ellipsize end
    • Popularity in Stars rating

    REST API details

    Movie Details API<movie-id>
    api_key - b7cd3340a794e5a2f35e3abb820b497f

    Get Images API<movie-id>/images

    Click the image on right to see how movie details screen will look.

  3. Information Screen

    It simply displays your name :).
  4. Click the image on right to see how information screen will look.

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